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Dual Blinds

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Double Roller Blinds are combination of Modern Blockout Blinds and Sunscreen Roller Blinds in a dual roller blind bracket. The main objective is to get the benefit of sunscreen blinds during the daytime and securing the privacy at night time, with complete darkness using blockout fabric for Holland blind.

Blockout Blinds a huge amount of colours & fabrics available.

Highly used for:

1. enhance and inspire a modern look dressed window.
2. to prevent a mush as light as possible entering the room
(specially for those which need darkness to sleep during the day or for baby)
3. Allow less heat entering the room for insulation.
4. Allow less heat espacing the room for warmer room.
5. Very easy chaiin drive systems can be used to manuar the blind roll up and down.
6. motorised systems can be implemented.
7. We have great range of fabrics for your selection.
8. Most of the fabrics are quit easy to clean, some fabrics have teflon protection for better protection from dirt and easier cleaning.
9. Eco Freindly

Sunscreen Blinds a huge amount of colours & fabrics available.

Highly user for:

1. Modern look windows
2. High in privacy the darker the colour, the higher privacy (in almost every room, ask for details)
3. High to very high in UV proptection
4. High Temperature protection and insulation for both winter and summer.
5. High to very high visibility.
6. Minimises glaire
7. High protection to your carpet, timber floor & faurnitures.
8. High Quality use chain drive systems
9. Can be morotised
10. Stronger aluminium roll tubing on wider windows.
11. Supplied with a heavy duty oval bottom roll, that comes in varieties of colours.
12. Eco friendly fabrics are available.

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