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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions we are asked the most.

What type of chains do we use?

Chains can be plastic or metal. The metal chains that we provide are American product that provides strength and colour that will not wear off with long-term use.

Which Chain Drive systems do you recommend?

We use several diameters of rollers top coordinate with the weight and make it work smoothly and last longer.

Which Bottom rails do we use?

We use several types. We offer the oval with thicker walls that make blinds sit better which also makes them better looking.

What Fabrics are available for modern blinds?

We offer a huge range in many colours and designs, from old and new style fabrics. Fabrics that look fantastic can block out all the light and are easy to clean and have Teflon protection.

Sunscreen Blinds

What is available in sunscreen blinds?

Many fabrics, colours and designs available. They are extremely good in and out sunlight insulation and provide a beautiful view from inside the house.

Roman Blinds

Why are our Roman blinds better?

We cerate and use many different Roman finishes. Most common is sailcloth blockout fabric which can be cleaned and provides good insulation. We use advanced chain drive system or cord operated with steel wire bars at the back to hold fabric movement and also we pre shrink the fabric for less movement.

We also make Roman blinds with the fabric of your choice. With our reputation of workmanship is very high as Roman blinds not made correctly can give you a range of problems. We minimize the movement often fabric and most importantly we use very solid pre shrunk lining that will hold very well, is easy to clean and will not bubble as many cheaper alternatives do.

Swags and Drapes

Why are our Swags and drapes better?

Our passion for making great swags and drapes has kept us in business for 45 years. We challenge anyone to make a better drape and swag. We love the business of creating beautiful finishes with different fabrics- Please visit our showroom to see for yourself.

Padded Pelmets

Why are our Padded pelmets better?

We can give you many different designs dressed by our upholsterer with your choice of fabric. We also provide interior design advice.

Venetian Blinds

Why are our Venetian blinds better?

We have very many different plastic, aluminum and timber venetians. Plastic is cheaper but not as good quality. Many other substitutes can be extremely good against the sun and will last without warping. Our famous western cedar has the best curing and lacquered finish which you can get at a very competitive price.

For any questions that are not answered here please contact us and we will be happy to help you.