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Theatre Curtains

Theatre Curtains

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10 year Guarantee

Have you ever noticed that every theatre has curtains. Well, there is a scientific reason for that.

Curtains (especially acoustic fabric) are sound-absorbing and don't just improve the acoustic experience for audiences, they also offer a striking aesthetic.

Curtains insulate and absorb sound energy to reduce the noise and improve the acoustics of any room.

Theatre Curtains solve two kinds of noise problems:

  1. Noise reduction - reduce the noise from the outside coming in with our custom noise reduction solution
  2. Sound absorption - improve internal acoustics and reduce background noise and echo with our sound absorbing fabrics

And in home theatre situations and unless you have your home theatre in a basement, curtains and blinds block out unwanted ambient light from windows.

Our Theatre Curtains & Drapes are custom made with specialised lining to absorb and stop noise.

All our curtains and drapes have the option of being motorised - for effortless control at your fingertips.

If you're thinking about curtains for your theatre or media room, then give us a call to arrange a free consultation and quote in your premises.

If you're thinking about Theatre Curtains, give us a call on (03) 9336 0880 to arrange a free consultation and quote in your premises.

image of Theatre curtains

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